Friday, December 09, 2011

a peppermint rock weekend


I'm not a great fan of rock candy, I don't care how classically Swedish these "polkagris" (= polka pig, peppermint rock) candies are, I've never enjoyed them. (Well apart from when they're mixed into Marabou chocolate, then it's all mmmm...). These have been stuck in the pantry for a year now, I've been meaning to put them into cookies ever since. The time to finally do that has come.

~ And not to worry, Wartle and Hefflebaum, even if your existence is inspired by them, no-one will mistake you for an edible candy, you're just eye-candy, sweet as sugar and all that.

My weekend will hopefully consist of the baking of these cookies, food shopping, thinking, writing, knitting, preparing for the kittens - only a few days left now! - and a visit to a nearby Christmas fair. That sounds more than alright to me.

Hope your weekend will be a very fine one too!

'Beware of the hairy scary being with a liquorice nose that turns up when you least expect it!'

Edit 1: These peppermint candies have since been used in two kinds of completely and utterly moreish cookies. I will share the recipe soon.

Edit 2: This blogpost has been submitted to the "No Croutons Required challenge" over at Tinned Tomatoes. The December challenge being: Festive photos. 


Elephant's Child said...

I hadn't realised the kittens were so close. Excitement. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

OK, now you have to enter one of those photos into this month's No Croutons Required. The topic is festive photos/ Perfect!

Ruth Ellis said...

SO cute! Love the little people - and the colours just shout Christmas

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