Saturday, December 10, 2011

a nobel day ~

"Att läsa är att resa - To read is to travel"

December 10th is not only the Nobel Day but also Animal Rights Day as well Humans Rights Day. Last year I was not in a good mood about this day, my mood du jour is granted better this year, but as usual a sad little has really happened to make this world a better place for those who can't speak and defend for themselves.

The only two Nobel prizes that interest me are the ones in the categories peace and literature. This year's winner is of course the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer, I know many people think he should have won years ago and he's generally lauded for his work -

well not by that illiterate, small-minded American critic who wrote a completely spiteful article about the whole concept of the Nobel prize in general and Tranströmer in particular. I know I saved the link to that article, but I can't seem to find it right now. It was such a both sad and laughable piece, easy applicable in any situation where small-minded people feel left out of the party and need to raise their voice. I really need to find that link...

and even if granted poetry is in general not a literary genre that has ever appealed to me, and I have yet to read anything of Tranströmer, he just seems like a very, very likeable man from what I've seen and heard of him.

So befitting of the day I got a book of his collected poems (samlade dikter 1954-1996) from my mother today. I will definitely have a go at it, a wee poem here, a wee poem there, I'm sure that can't hurt. And look, Miffwinkle was might impressed by the book from the time I unwrapped it. I even think she has begun reading.


Have you read anything by Tomas Tranströmer?
If so, what did you think?
Do you enjoy the poetry genre?
Any recommendations to someone who isn't overly enthusiastic about it?

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Felis said...

I'm sorry, I know that all reader of Pia world are tired from my posts when I complain that in my country animals no have rights, But I feel so desperate and guilty, about that,
I'm just not a warrior, I can't fix it, failed so many times...
However, here is regular day, very cold, because snow come in thursday but not remained, and is great for poetry on warm :).
When Tomas Tranströmer win I tried to find his poetry, but it is not translated yet I guess now will be.
I'm curious, but I'm not big fan of poetry. Except Emily Dickinson,she have words for every cases.

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