Tuesday, December 27, 2011

post-christmas 2011


I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas weekend. Ours was spent in a fine, unpretentious way, reasonable amounts of good food - I've never understood the ridiculous concept of Christmas food gluttony - and sweets. Watching tv,


knitting - one and a half perky beanie finished - admiring the wee ones - growing steadily - and sleeping. Oh for the joy of sleeping again...


Weatherwise; snow melted the day before Christmas and it has been a green world again ever since. There's been a storm sweeping of large parts of Sweden since a couple of days creating all sorts of chaos. Today the thermometer showed 10+C - it's indeed a crazy world we've created...


I got some good work done today and tomorrow I'll hit the intermediate days sales. Christmas money found its surprising way here thus gave me the opportunity to look for three specific things at the sales. Fingers crossed I'll find them and that they'll fit.

Now it's time for the first episode of one of my favourite authors Arne Dahl's fabulous crime novels turned into a TV-series. I had so much looked forward to this - since three years now - but admittedly I am quite sceptical to the casting of the rather specific characters. I do hope it won't be too much of a disappointment...

Toodle-oo for now ~



Elephant's Child said...

That sounds like a very pleasant Christmas. I am so glad. Good luck at the sales, and a Happy New Year to you and yours (including loaf dog and catterns).

Angella said...

I am guilty as charged with partaking in the Christmas gluttony. :) I've cooked and baked enough to fill ten dining tables, and we won't even begin to eat it all. Best of luck with your sales...I hope you find the lucky three. I've had my fill of shopping and look forward to quietness and normalcy. Glad the kitties are doing well and you are getting good sleep. :)

**I got the most amazing surprise in the mail today! :)(which I will promptly answer :)**

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