Thursday, December 22, 2011

on winter solstice


I hope you've had a lovely winter solstice - now things will only get brighter and tad lighter every day!

Me, I've spent it in the company of Gingerbob and Byno, the December boys.


Plus, of course, the teeny tiny ones, Z and Z, who are, if I'm correct, girls, the December girls. In the case of me being correct; meet Zigne and Ztina.


pärlbesatt said...

Tack för julkort! :) Och ja tack, jag fikar gärna framgent. Gärna i sällskap av Z och Z! :)

Fuzzy Tales said...

A joyous Solstice to you all, Pia! I'm so happy to have the return of more daylight again. :-)

Kisses to the babies, they are so precious!

Elephant's Child said...

And a happy Solstice to you from here as well. The fur babies look enchanting.

Suman said...

Awww, the babies look so very lovely.. Congratulations!
And happy winters!

Anonymous said...

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Felis said...

I'm happy to see babies stronger!
Congrats for your new job and good luck! Winter solstice is pagan holiday who symbolizes new beginning and it's time to put all your wish for next year in hands of fate. I wish you all the best!

Unknown said...

Happy Solstice! Here is to more daylight. Great looking kitties, good subjects for your next book!

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