Monday, December 19, 2011

kitten update and other short stories


~ I had hoped every thing would be fine and dandy during the weekend, turned out that Siri apparently has a bit of a problem with her milk and the kittens have far from gained the weight they should have. Both mummy cat and the two kittens seem very content and happy with status quo - I am not. They really need to gain a reasonable amount of weight grams each day so we (ie mostly I) have been additional feeding them. Every second hour. The kitties aren't to happy about this more or less forced feeding. And if this new food for Siri doesn't improve matters, the next couple of weeks will be pretty... tough.


But of course, I wanted to have kittens, you have to expect everything and anything I suppose. Though honestly, after my 20 plus litters since the early 90ies, this one, so far, definitely top the list of strangeness. I am in no position to complain about the whole situation, I totally brought it on myself, but well, with very little sleep for a week now I feel knackered and whiny. Obviously.

Not exactly the way I had looked forward to rounding 2011 off - but well, things just have to get better from now on, right? Right. Including 2012.


~ By the end of last week I also got the information I had so looked forward to; my business has now finally an official registered name. Pia 1 - Bureaucracy 0. But with all the above things going on it felt rather matter-of-factish, anticlimactic. A piece of paper with my name, the company's name and number, no drums and trumpets, serpentines and balloons, nothing hoity-toity at all.

But of course I'm more than well pleased. Very, very, v e r y  much so. More of later.

A friend and I had booked a celebratory luxurious afternoon tea tomorrow. Something we've talked about for years, to celebrate when I got a new job. Now I have created my own job, being my own boss, what better to celebrate than that? But I've now cancelled the table reservation, kitten feeding comes first. Celebration will have to wait until January. Alas.

dec 18, 2011 - first snow

~ And then the snow fell. Pretty in fluffy white. But it also feels surreal, after a long, mild, dark autumn and winter so far. On December 19, suddenly the world is covered in white. Not sure how long it will last, it's wet snow and not very cold.

At this point, admittedly I don't really care. I just want the kittens to gain weight properly. And get many many hours of interrupted sleep for at least a few days in a row again.

~ I will now continue to write my Christmas cards. Due to kitten force majeure most of them will arrive a tad late though. I hope that won't put a serious dampen on any Christmas celebrations.

~ By all means, don't forget to enter the tea giveaway, for a chance to meet the brand New Year in sweet tea flavour style. Last day of entry, Dec 23.



Felis said...

Soon everything will be alright, I hope! No,no, I believe! You will see, will be!

Angella said...

I have been lax in commenting...such a crazy time of year, and all of that, but I really enjoy the updates on the kittens. Sending plump kitty wishes your way. xx

Elephant's Child said...

It is no wonder that many, many cultures have used sleep deprivation as a torture. It is. I am hoping that Siri and the kittens are well enough to let you sleep soon. Very soon.

And congratulations on the business name. A big victory.

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