Monday, December 05, 2011

how many bobbaloos does it take to inspect a bird feeder?


I have been ogling this adorable Moomin house looking bird combi-feeder - from Swedish company Wildlife Garden, which have all sorts of lovely looking feeders and retailers in several countries, click on the respective flags on their website for more information - for a while now.


It has been very high up on my wish list - and surely buying something meant to make life easier for other beings can't be considered shopping as such? (When you're having a self-imposed no-shopping.) - with it's nifty design (as far as many different birds are concerned) as well as pleasing looks (as far as the human eye's concerned).

They come in black, white, green and red and I would love to have both a white and a red one, hanging in my tree, in my garden. So far I haven't seen the red version in a shop, but I decided to go for the white one when I saw it.


I'm hoping this bird feeder will be much more of a roaring success than the apple hook... - reported one, two, three and four times - but at least the birdies do enjoy the red dotty one, so I'm not all crap at finding decent bird feeders that serve their actual purpose well.

Question of the day though is, how many bobbaloos does it take to inspect a bird feeder such as this one?


PS No bobbaloos were harmed in the taking of these pictures DS


Fuzzy Tales said...

Apparently it takes quite a few. :-)

Lovely bird feeder--and certainly the bobbaloos are having fun with their inspection!

Anonymous said...

LOL! The babaloos look cute in the bird feeder. Looks like it takes a lot of them to inspect the feeder. I like the looks of the bird feeder, too.

Åsa said...

<3 naaaaww så söta! och så är det små nosar som sticker fram här och var. Tur att alla klarade sig ;-)

Shaheen said...

I hope they all came out safely :)

pärlbesatt said...

Nää, vilka underbara gladbilder!! Tack!

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