Tuesday, December 06, 2011

two tuesday snaps

bus stop view 3.46 pm

At 3.46 pm (or 15.46 as us Swedes prefer to call it) it's this dark already here, on this day of December 6, 2011. The only bad thing about it not being snow on the ground this time of the year is that it really gets pitch dark. And of course, it isn't as pretty as it is with snowy scenery. But practical, very practical, albeit dark. This was my view at the bus stop.

Waiting for the bus, taking me to the train, going to the twitterjunta. Where six of us spent a lovely evening with fika, chatting, knitting at one of my favourite cafés. My knitting project for the day was the first Lovikka mitten in a pair of them. A red pair - I put my own pink pair on hold. When I began knitting it at home it was, as usual, overseen by a helping paw. Most often that helping paw is attached to one of the waterboys. He obviously hearts his yarn too. My kind of guy.

the little helper #twitterjunta


Elephant's Child said...

That is soooo dark for that time of day. Even in the middle of winter, it is not dark till 5 here.
I followed your link home to the waterboys and fell in love. How enchanting. My water bills would suffer big time.

Anonymous said...

That IS too early in the day to be dark. Although it starts getting dark here around 5p.m. Keep having a good week.

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