Monday, December 12, 2011

two perky socks


Five pair of socks have been amongst my knitting projects lately, behold two of the perkiest ones.

The pastel pair to the left I've made for myself (because I'm worrrrth it), a slightly thicker, softer yarn, perhaps not quite as magic as my usual yarn, but very cosy and pretty just the same (and bobbaloo approved). Not sure when the opportunity to wear them will come though, with the now worryingly indistinctive mild winter weather we're having, but I'm pleased with their looks just the same. Thinking of adding a little rim of my grandmother's old lace (like on the extralong green socks) to sweet-spice things up.

The other pair will be a Christmas gift to my mother (despite us having decided not to give eachother Christmas presents within the family for many years now I do enjoy giving a little something handmade anyway...). She has for a long time now been dropping hints of the fact that I haven't made her a pair of magic socks yet, I thought it would be nice to surprise her with a finished pair.

I've used some left over yarn of various colours for this pair. She loves orange and red so I've tried to incorporate as much as possible of that, but as it is magic who makes the end result you never really now what colours will appear. Which is, I suppose, a major part of the knitted sock appeal. I think she'll enjoy her perky pair.



Fuzzy Tales said...

I love both pairs, but especially the colourful pair you've made for your mom. I hope she's thrilled with them!

Angella said...

LOVE the Momma pair! You are doing well on your list of knitting things...I still have yet to start mine. Although with our weather also not cooperating...I can't seem to find my knitting mood. Both sock pairs are awesome and look soft and warm. :)

Elephant's Child said...

Just gorgeous.

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