Tuesday, December 13, 2011

lussekatter on lucia


As the world according to me pretty much revolves around the waiting for proper lussekatter (it doesn't look as if it's going to happen today though, darn) and over the years I've already written about the Swedish celebration of Lucia a number of times - it's quite a lovely tradition, but for the religious undertones of course - I thought I'd simply share this year's batch of lussekatter (lusse cats, saffron buns) today. Authentic of course.


No baking in this residence goes without the diligent overseeing by bobbaloos. Jojo, Wartle and Hefflebaum did a splendid job.


The task of outdoors posing went to Kismet, Leonard and Gourdette - I know it's tricky, but can you spot which units are lusse buns, which are bobbaloos? 




Hope you've had, is having, will have -
depending on your latitude, longitude -
a fine Lucia day and that you hopefully will
get warm Lucia buns (recipe here),
today, tomorrow, soon ~



Elephant's Child said...

Yum. To the bobbaloos and the buns.

Felis said...

Happy Lucia day! :) Yummmy!

DahnStarr said...

My Grandmother (English woman and not Swedish) made the best saffron buns. My father called them Saffron Nubbies. I have no idea why. Oh how I miss my Grandmother and her "buns". (hahaha!)

pärlbesatt said...

1. Gud vilka fina lussekatter!

2. Jag trodde pissungarna hade kommit och blev besviken. :D

Suman said...

The buns are so pretty!! And I love that rust-hued bobbaloo...

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