Friday, December 30, 2011

two weeks with ztina and zigne


The wee ones have now turned plus two weeks, have been growing steadily since that awful first week and weigh over 200 grams each now. They seem awfully content and pleased with life as it is. Signe opened her eyes when only a few days old - too soon for my liking - but overall they seem to have adopted an attitude of, some days I want to only eat, sleep and have my eyes shut, some days I can peek a bit in between meals and sleep.


As it has indeed been a weird and unusual course of event since start I will just accept this as normal for these lassies. And hope that they will open their eyes for sure during the week to come. Besides, I wouldn't want to flash them blind from such a young age.


They've just been given proper names, Ztina Sezincote is the little colourpoint girl - she has yet to develop her points but I think I see signs of her being a tortie, probably a chocolate or brown tortie and one never knows, maybe even an agouti (spotted, mackerel or tabby) tortie. Oh the wonders of genetics! - and Zigne Shandy is the redhead. The sisters Adorable, wouldn't you agree?



pärlbesatt said...

Jag drog lillan ur sängen för att komma och titta på detta ljuuuuvliga!

Angella said...

So sweet! And I'd love to hear how you settled on their names. :)

Elephant's Child said...

Simply adorable. Thank you.

Felis said...

I didn't want to say this when you were upset, but I think this difficult beginning is because shelter cats do not born in winter. I was sure that everything will be OK. So don't worry anymore!

It's time to refresh and new beginning! Happy holidays!

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