Friday, October 26, 2012

knitting with leftover yarn

knitting and crocheting with left over yarns

this gorgeous knitting and crocheting book i got for my birthday - in fact just the cover photo spoke loads to me when i saw it at the bookstore many months ago, for obvious reasons, and my mum bought it 'you'll get it when you get it'. i had kind of forgotten about it so it was a brilliant parcel to open yesterday.

brimming with new and old ideas with a twist, fabulously creative and with gorgeous photos. i basically want to make everything in it. with leftover yarns. love it!

skirt on cover photo is a must. and those yellow shoes... le sigh.

~ luxurious afternoon tea
~ sunshine
~ a pair of boots/shoes in a fantastic new colour (they'll arrive next week)
~ nailpolish
~ contemplating bobbaloos
~ small sweet things
~ a december trip to budapest (excitement!)

yes, i think it was an overall lovely birthday this year too (although, getting older isn't nearly as fun as getting wiser...).

now, let the scrap yarn projects begin!


Elephant's Child said...

That sounds like a birthday full of love, magic and some wonderful presents. And getting older is much better than the alternative.

Lena said...

I thought you had written a book - I totally thought that was you on the cover, what with the skirt and the shoes and all! Would love to see the skirt when you're finished with it. =)

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