Monday, April 01, 2013

easter shoe per diem 2013

easter shoe per diem

The only pair of shoes I had planned on inaugurating - my own personal Easter tradition being inaugurating of a new pair of shoes... - during Easter was the fabulous granny square ones.

But I ended up with a fun new personal tradition, four different shoes for four different days. And no, not four new pairs (I may be slightly shoe mad, but not quite as mad), but special and fun just the same.

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday; the pink birthday boots (El Naturalista Dome)

Easter Saturday; the fabulastic granny square boots (ART shoes), such a pity the weather, despite a surprisingly generous amount of sunshine these past few weeks, is still so cold, ice and snow around and the fabulasticness was slightly misplaced in company with winter clothes.

Easter Sunday; my favourite tall boots, the awesome blue ones (El Naturalista Tesela)

Easter Monday; last year's Easter inauguration, the end of project red treat. Very cute and moodlifting, but to be honest, the right one is a killer for my heel, not sure if it's my foot or the design/particular shoe, the left one is perfectly comfortable. I hope the discomfort will change with more wear, I hope foot will allow more regular wear...

Obviously Easter was a splendid weekend from a shoe point of view. There were sunshine, blue skies, decent food and great fika moments. But always present, not quite tangible, undercurrents of worry and melancholy that just wouldn't let go.

Probably due to a blend of six weeks since little loaf passed away, an overall long, hard winter that refuses to welcome spring completely, the aftermath of the sinusitis and jaw infection add a general worry of this and that and then some, life as is. Weltschmerz and being the worrying kind, sometimes those matters are harder to put aside than others.

Looking back I think Easter 2011 was a really lovely one, granted Easter then was nearly a month later than this year, weather allowing for lighter shoes. But looking back I also remember so many other things then were simply miserable, those things I do not wish to revisit at all. So in many ways, life is better now, but despite that melancholy is, for other reasons, my close companion. Some days more than others, this is life. Easter or not. One day I might even embrace or celebrate that feeling, melancholy is in its own way strangely beautiful. Though not yet, I'm not there quite yet.

Goodbye Easter, you are still my favourite holiday, melancholia or not.


Elephant's Child said...

I am very glad that Easter had some highlights. And the shoes are a treat - even for someone who doesn't have a love of shoes these were special. Thank you.

Poppy Q said...

What a good idea - Easter shoes. Mine are a bit more old ladyish.

Julie q

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