Monday, April 08, 2013

the woolly tiger set

the tiger set

I made someone happy, very happy today. It's a funny thing, that something you totally dislike (in this case animal patterns and prints) can be much loved my someone else (said animal patterns and prints).

tiger socks

Thus when I made this tiger yarn beanie and posted it on Instagram one of my regular customers loved it - although I'm keeping the first one for myself, simply because it is kind of magic how a yarn can be transformed like that into a tiger pattern - and wanted one herself. As I know she adores animal patterns I suggested she might enjoy a whole set, socks and wristwarmers - and she totally did.

tiger beanies

And I have to say, that even if I totally still dislike the animal pattern thing, I think she looked adorable with her new tiger set. In fact it kind of rocked. Even if I still prefer knitting in other kinds of magical yarn it has, granted, been great fun to watch the pattern grow into a finished product.

I've thoroughly enjoyed making different beanies and caps this winter, fiddled with colour combos and different yarns. I might finish one or two more before this season is over, it's such a nice in-front-of-the-telly project. And I will definitely do a couple of more posts of said headgear. Woolly fun.

What has been your favourite yarn projects this past winter season?

the tiger set

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Elephant's Child said...

It is a very 'stylised' almost abstract animal print - and so it does have a LOT of charm.

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