Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a pug named malte

the pug malte

Welcoming the snuffly, weird and charming pug named Malte into the home for a few hours now and then continues to be a treat.

the pug malte

Unlike the one and only, forever missed, little loaf named Malte he's not used to posing for photos and it's tricky, to say the least, to get him to sit still and look in to the camera. But now and then we end up with something fun and unexpected.

Happy Wednesday,
the last one of April
(gosh, this month has really really flown by)!

the pug malte


Elephant's Child said...

He rocks that hat!

Kea said...

I can't say that pugs are my favourite, but he does look adorable and I'm sure he's a wonderful canine companion! Nice to have some doggy company, from time to time. :-)

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