Friday, April 26, 2013

nailpolish per diem

... or rather per weekend (although it usually lasts a normal week), this weekend it's essie island hopping (dark pink) and in stitches (muted, pale rust).

and look what couldn't be resisted, got a tip about it the other day, got it the day after; tiny fruit and veggies to somehow be glued to the nails. adorable, silly and affordable.

have you done something fun with your nails recently?


Vickie said...

you are the adventurous lady of the fingertips! love those colours and don't let the bobbaloos eat the little veggies! oh yes, also you are the lady of the adventurous shoes. hope you get your reading mojo back too.

Kea said...

Since I chew my cuticles (nervous habit), I try to hide my hands. Nothing fun with my super-short nails!

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