Monday, April 15, 2013

commuter life

stockholm april 2013

One of the big drawbacks of living in a city is the commuting, something I've basically done since highschool, on buses and trains. I truly hate rush hours and I can't stand the crowds, rudeness and stress of people. Be it in a train, bus or tailback.

But I think the public transportation system is a brilliant thing, from an environmental, cost effective and health point of view. I also think it's completely mind-boggling that there are still countries with a "healthy" budget that in this day and age do not have a decent infrastructure and well-built public transportation system.

Something I'm really grateful for these days is the fact that I rarely have to take my trains and buses during rush hours, it's so liberating! So those times, when I do have to commute, take the train, and it's practically empty from certain stations given the time of the day or evening, it's a simple bliss.

What kind of public transportation do you use regularly?
Is it enjoyable rides or just a case of "have to"?


Elephant's Child said...

That train looks so clean and well maintained!
No trains here, but I do travel by bus. Some of which are decidedly dirty and grotty. Which is of course because some of the passengers have no manners...

Unknown said...

For rush hours, bicycle commuting is the best way to travel.

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