Friday, April 05, 2013

first outdoors meal of the season

it wasn't very warm and there are still spots of ice and snow in the suburbs, but with a fabulous amount of sun and leeward it was still totally enjoyable to have lunch outdoors.

first outdoors meal of the season was rösti with ginger, chèvre cream and lentils. it was rather lovely.

have you had your first outdoors meal yet?
what was it?


Unknown said...

So far, no meals outside, (though we have had some nice days) but, we have had coffee on the patio! What a treat. The weather has turned rainy here, now. Hopefully it will not last for long. Wishing you, only sunny days!

Poppy Q said...

Ahhh - our meals are now indoors one as it has turned chilly. We loved eating outside on the deck in the evenings.


Julie and Poppy Q

Unknown said...

No, not yet. Just a coffee in the sun on the balcony. We have to finish the cat safe balcony first, it's still a bit messy outside with all rest of wood and cat net.

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