Friday, April 19, 2013

moo cards 2013

moo cards april 2013

time to order some new business cards, they just arrived. and i'm overall very pleased with the outcome (some of the photos as usual turned out too dark in the printing, but the majority were lovely).

this time, very unlike me, i went with my face on the prosit ones. as much as i dislike showing my face in front of the camera it is, granted, easier to remember a person with a face on the business card. so i tried it and, to my surprise, the end result is rather likeable.

although, as usual, i much prefer the bright green and pink backsides of the luddkolt's (british shorthairs) and pia k stockholm (jewellery and knitting) ones before the muted colour i chose for prosit. my attempt of being more 'professional'; a muted coloured backside of my business cards. the silliness. next time i'll go pink or green for prosit too.

business cards from (as always) moo


Unknown said...

They turned out very nice indeed. They look very professional and also with the photo business cards they feel more personal. You want your potential client to identify with you and your business.

Angella said...

I really like the card with your's a lovely picture of you and it's a very friendly and open way of presenting yourself (as well as your business). Well done, Moo. :)

Elephant's Child said...

Any woman who looks that good in a photograph SHOULD have them on her business cards. And all the cards look brilliant. Congratulations.

Richard Lawry said...

They look very professional!
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