Saturday, April 20, 2013

yellow handbag

yellow handbag

Every season my love for colours make me go giddy over one or two special colours, which isn't necessarily neither pink nor green, ya' know my favourite colour combo or the two colours I constantly end up choosing between.

This season it's yellow - like that loveable cardigan the other day - a colour I have very few items in since no matter how lovely it is, clothes-wise it's a very unflattering colour for my skin-tone. And if one has to chose, one always chose flattering, the opposite would be quite pointless somehow.

Of course, the unflattering to skin-tone colours can always be worn in not-near-face garments, but I've never really never felt drawn to anything yellow other than blouses or sweaters and such.

But now I really want to sew a simple yellow skirt for this summer. And I've just got myself a very sunny yellow vest which will be lovely when summer strikes. And I've coveted the perfect yellow handbag for some years, but since I don't want a leather one and I'm quite particular about the model, it has to be a roomy messenger bag, it's been in vain so far.

Until today, when I spotted this beauty in a shop window - the always have such lovely mouthwatering displays in that shop - unpretentious, practical, perky and cute. In canvas and very covetable I'd say. From Swedish brand Hope - which is not a brand that interests me usually, dull colours and bland design imho. But oh, this handbag... Straight to the top of my spring wishlist.

Do you have an extra soft spot for any special colour/s this season?
If so which and why?

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Poppy Q said...

Love the handbag - you should go and buy it girl.

Julie Q

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