Sunday, April 14, 2013

making the shoe-most of every day

shoe per diem april

so far, as most usual, april has proven the typical capricious month, snow, hail, ice, rain and sunshine.

today though, from glum morning to sunny midday and up to +12c - i guess spring is still on the agenda. even if there'll yet be more snow, i think it's prudent to make the shoe-most of every good day.

thus today i changed the autumn/winter boots (in the picture is the el naturalista birthday boots) for the spring equivalent and also inauguration of a winter sales pair. liberating somehow, but at the same time confusing. to wear the appropriate amount of clothes to not be cold or hot, but just comfortable, this time of the year is always tricky that way.

how do you meet spring comfortably,
the capricious month of april?

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