Wednesday, April 17, 2013

nordic food

i got this cook book since i thought it would be about eating in season, locally produced, foraging and compose meals mainly with seasonal vegetables. recipes with no meat but nordic fishes like salmon and herring and not a lot of dairy products.

let's just say reading it is quite disappointing, both textual and recipe-wise, the writing is dull, the content surprisingly unmodern, the completely vegetarian recipes very few, meat plays a big part and dairy too. not a word about the obvious benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet or healthy substitutes to meat and dairy.

to be honest i'm lost for words at how they've blown a great cookbook idea and ended up with this. the best thing about it is the lovely photos, sadly the rest isn't at all what one would expect of a cookbook like this.

'nordens bästa mat' (the best nordic food)
by viola adamsson and katja palmdahl


Unknown said...

Too bad you were disappointed in the book...Here is an opportunity to publish your own book...and let other people share your point of view!

Elephant's Child said...

The cook books which irritate me most are the vegetarian ones which devote a LOT of space to cakes and desserts. I really don't know of dessert recipes which include meat. Or cakes either. Sigh.

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