Sunday, April 21, 2013

green shoes per spring diem

shoe per diem april 21, 2013 - green

It's been ages since I blogged at the shoe per diem blog, but I still think it's a lovely idea/project. It has certainly made me look at shoes, socks, footwear and the situations we walk ourselves in with the shoes on quite differently.

And also, change my shoes and socks regularly - yes I may be a mad shoe-gal, but even I tend to go with a few favourites if I don't remind myself to change and play with combinations - especially spring and autumn, when it's too soon to start wearing boots and too early to go barefeet. Thus I've continued to make the shoe-most of every day.

After a pretty glum and cold week we've had a marvellously sunny weekend - still cold cold winds here, but if you sit/walk in the sun and layside it's been lovely. A perfect round off to the shoe weekend was of course green (applegreen maryjanes from El Naturalista, socks from Gudrun Sjödén).

How was your shoe weekend?
Good, bad or couldn't you care less what your feet wore?

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

My feet are happinest naked. And spend most of their time that way.

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