Wednesday, April 10, 2013

the arrival of top ten plus one


The "really more, nailpolish?" orders have arrived. It took only a week from orders placed, thus making it even more unnecessary to drool over overpriced nailpolish in Swedish stores.

Miniature bottles are the best, but sadly rarely available in good quality nailpolish here, thus I'm very pleased about my OPI Top Ten package. The one I really really wanted was the red one, but I'm so pleased with 6-7 of the colours, 1-2 not so much and one is simply dreadful (I think it's quite obvious just from looking at the picture which one I mean...).

Obviously I had to try all of them on at once, after all ten fingernails is perfect for ten different colours.

opi top ten

From left to right;
Alpine Snow - I have no idea who'd want to have Tip-Ex fingernails, the only thing it's good for is making dotty nails
Bubble Bath - I just don't get why anyone would paint the nails with a basically non-visible polish?
Tickle My France-y - a rather sweet and unobtrusive pale pink, stylish and subdued
Kiss Me On My Tulips - fabulous pink which will look great with a tan
Red Lights Ahead... Where? - fabulous orangey red which also will look great with a tan

opi top ten

Lincoln Park After Dark - love this dark chocolatey purple colour
Vampsterdam - a rather boring, bland, uninteresting purple if you ask me
You Don't Know Jacques! - like it a lot, kind of dark grey with a hint of pink
I'm Not Really a Waitress - a dark metallic red which I'm surprised at how much I enjoy, I don't like metallics but this is really rather lovely, a great winter polish
Big Red Apple - pretty pretty red, the colour I really most wanted and I'm very pleased with the red hue, even if 4-5 of the other colours are even nicer

china glaze running in circles

When the green bottle arrived all by itself ( China Glaze Running in Circles, my first try on CG) I promtly removed the Tip-Ex nail and replaced it with a bit of glittery green. I don't do glitter in general either, but it was such a nice green hue (and a well known truth is that you can't have too much green things in your life) and the glitter bit is actually quite perky and nice. In fact next week all fingernails will go glittery green.

What's your current favourite nailpolish/colour?


Poppy Q said...

This year I splurged on some nail polishes too. They are crazy expensive here - about $20 US a bottle. Buying them online makes them a much better deal.

I love the green - my fave out of all the colours you got. Unfortunately I don't have nice nails, so for me it is toenail only polish.

Have a lovely weekend.

Julie and Poppy Q

Unknown said...

Would you believe they are currently glittery green? Ok, Toes are glittery green, but I redid my fingernails and couldn't find glittery green, so actually, fingers are shimmery green with one on each hand in turquoise. :)

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