Friday, February 14, 2014

a mess of necklaces

necklace mess

A couple of years ago I thrifted a (white) bureau with the intention of repainting and upcycling. In the end I went with changing the 10 knobs into pretty porcelain ones only, since the bureau was in good condition and white is such an easy-goes-with-everything colour.

In this bureau I decided to keep my jewellery, accessories and hair thingies for easy storage and reach. Easy storage yes, but to be honest I've ended up using less and less jewellery because - just as in life in general - "if it isn't visible it doesn't exist".

Today however I rememembered an old necklace I hadn't used for ages and decided to rummage through the bureau for it. Which to my surprise was easier said than done. I know I put all those necklaces down in the drawer very carefully so it wouldn't get tangled, but today it was just a big mess when I tried to liberate this one necklace.

Clearly there's (at least) one mischiveous house elf in this household. And no I don't mean the fourlegged, furry herd.

juice du jour <3

I managed to detangle the necklace mess and get my heart out. All was in the end well. And it got even better when the juice was juiced of course. Cheers!

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Elephant's Child said...

It is earrings which (used) to tangle in this house. And now they hang on the wall (several hundred of them) and can be found.

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