Saturday, February 01, 2014

a perfect way to start a saturday

soy latte morning

It does feel slightly surreal to admit to this because
a) I am not a morning person (or so I've thought for the larger part of my life)
b) I enjoy leasurily mornings, lounging around in a cosy robe (generally)
c) I am so not a coffee person (tea ftw anyway)

But I have to say that this is still one of my favourite ways to start a Saturday/weekend;
rising early and heading in to the city (admittedly I would probably not enjoy it as much if I went by bus + train) for breakfast at one of my favourite cafes (the coffee chain Espresso House. Which also feels silly to admit, but it is mainly because of their fabulous soy latte. And this particular cafe has a certain atmosphere that I love, I've had so many great meetings and good talks there).

Sitting in the armchairs in the window is a must (and of course that's never an issue on early weekend mornings... Rest of the week though it has become sort of a sport, 'get a couple of armchairs in the window, just do whatever it takes to get them!'). Snuggle up in an armchair, watching people from all walks of life pass by those huge windows, do a bit of work, having breakfast, start the morning in a soft way.

Having become a creature of reasonable habit - the seedy (not in that way, silly) home breakfast and the weekend morning breakfast in the window. Same same. And really lovely. Soy latte, smoothie (of the best Innocent kind of course) and a veggie bagel or babaganoush foccacia is a great way to start the day. In my world.

What's your favourite way to start a Saturday (or Sunday) morning?


Isabella G&G said...

Hello Pia,
yours is no doubt a lovely way to start a Saturday. My perfect one starts getting up around 9, two more hours of sleep than during working days. I'd sleep more but my dogs, well, one of them, just won't let me. Having a nice cup of coffee and a toast with a million seeds of all sorts with raspberry marmalade relaxed in my balcony admiring the sea. Then a long walk with my dear Nero and Phoebe. I really adore the simple pleasures in life and taking my time, and Saturday is a perfect day for it.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a glorious way, to start a Saturday morning. (any morning, for that matter)
Usually, I love to get up early and just put my feet up and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Sometimes with a good book or just sometimes with my thoughts of what I need to do for the day!
Enjoy your weekend!

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