Tuesday, February 18, 2014

one year without little loaf


It's difficult to grasp but today it's been a year since we were forced to say forever goodbye to one little loaf named Malte.

After the initial few months it has of course been easier to cope with the loss, but I think about him a lot. "What would Malte have done in this situation? He would never have behaved that badly! I wish I had someone to share carrots with. He sure would have helped keeping the cats in order." His enthusiastic approach to pretty much everything (apart from trimming the claws and taking a bath) was contagious and uplifting. And yes, sometimes annoying, he was a tyke by nature. But a well-meaning one.

To adjust to a life without a dog has been surprisingly easy, after those first months, and now I don't see another dog in my life anytime soon. We were blessed to have him, we were heartbroken to let him go.


Malte, norfolk terrier
2003-08-04 -- 2013-02-18
Forever remembered, forever loved


sovica said...

Lovely dog.
Can you imagine your life without cats?

Elephant's Child said...

He is not gone while you hold him in your heart. Which means he will NEVER be gone.

Unknown said...

He will never be gone....he will live on in the blog posts and pictures...and most of all, in your heart. He will not be forgotten.

Poppy Q said...

Oh we miss lovely Malte soon. What an awesome little dude he was.

Julie and Poppy Q

Marie said...

I also think about my little toy poodle (Lambi) who has been gone two years - it's inevitable when you have shared so many years together.

Little Loaf was so loved and had such a happy little life - he's one of the lucky ones. As are you for having him in your life. You can't hold him in your arms anymore, but he's forever in your heart. ♥ ♥ ♥

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