Thursday, February 20, 2014

bond girls and copacababies

opi nailpolish

I haven't bought any new nailpolish since the fine Opi You're such a Budapest. It was obviously about time. And ebay is always much kinder to the wallet than a Swedish shop. I got myself two mini bottle-collections, 007 the Bond Girls Liquid Sand and 2014 Brazil copacababies (spring 2014).

I have to say that unfortunately I'm not all that impressed by neither of the eight colours - the Opi Top Ten was a much nicer buy.

opi nailpolish

The liquid sand texture is really rather unpleasant, it feels like my nails have been wrapped in sandpaper not being able to breath somehow. I wonder how easy (or not) it will to remove the polish.

From left to right of the Bond Girls - Pussy Galore, pale pink which is rather nice to look at; Solitaire, frosty white is not really my thing; Jinx, orange which is rather nice to look at; Vesper, matte dark purple which would have been nice if a usual polish, this sand texture makes it pretty nasty instead.

At least I know now that liquid sand kind of nailpolish is not my thing.

opi nailpolish

From left to right of the copacababies - Next stop...the bikini zone, a metallic violet that looks very cheap imho; Kiss me I'm Brazilian, bubblegum pink which I think will look rather sweet with a tan come summer; AmazON...AmazOFF, petrol/teal green which usually is a colour I enjoy, this one however I find somehow uninteresting and bland; Where did Suzy's man-go? (he went to fetch her a delicious mango smoothie), I would so prefer that mango smoothie over this peach-coloured polish that doesn't do a good cover with three coats.

Ah well, you can't be lucky with them all, it was a risk taking (of a non important kind) that didn't pay well - at least I didn't pay a lot of money for those four x two.

Have you had any nice or not so nice encounters with any new nailpolish lately?


Poppy Q said...

I only ever paint my toes, and I am loving Essie Merino Cool. It is a dark purple/brown mix that looks good in my birkenstocks and stays shiny and lasts.

Marie said...

I can never walk past bright orange nail polish without buying it. I'm a creature of habit :-) When I was last in Stockholm, I bought three FACE Stockholm nail polishes (they contain no DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde ) called "Hot Guava", "Hot Mango" and "Shimmer Papaya", all of which I love.

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