Tuesday, February 11, 2014

semla so far

Since the first semla of 2014 I've had three more. With various degrees of satisfaction, but everyone was definitely more worth it than the numero uno.

I know many people, or well, some people, think its borderline scandal to eat your first semla before Fat Tuesday in February. I used to be one of those myself. Now I don't much care, just as long as it's after New Year.

When I was a kid I didn't like semlas at all, I couldn't stand almond paste and I wasn't a fan of whipped cream. As if that wasn't bad enough I had a father that enjoyed his semla the old fashioned way as hetvägg (translates hot wall); you serve the semla in a bowl and pour hot milk over it, letting it dissolve into a soup of sorts eating it with a spoon. Nasty.

It's only these past 10 or so years I've come to enjoy almond paste. And it's probably about the same amount of years I've enjoyed semlas. But I'm a discerning semla-eater, they mostly disappoint when you try a new bakery so I usually stick to favourites.

Anyway. The three I've had have been from

1) Bakery Fabrique (which makes great cardamom buns and other sourdough breads), it was better than my first one, but the almond paste was too smooth and sweet.

2) Chic Konditori (one of my favourite Stockholm cafés), first time I tried one there and it was just darling actually. Not too big, very nice cardamom bun, good almond paste and the perfect amount of whipped cream.

3) Today of all days I had the classic one from Bananza, one of my, along with many other Stockholmers, favourite semlas.

I still haven't tried the Stockholm Super Semla this year, but all in due time.

To be honest, feeling quite full from today's semla I don't much feel like eating anything else ever again. Funny how that will change. It always do somehow.

How about you, any semla so far?
Good, bad, in between?


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Looks delish! Have not eaten any for years.

Marie said...

I think it would be instant divorce if I bought a semla before Fat Tuesday. I see the signs in the bakeries here with "Tjuvstart" and smile while The Swede grumbles. I make my own so I know what is in them and how I like them. I'm counting the days until March 4th...

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