Thursday, February 27, 2014

cat, pony and pug ad


If my new internet provider wasn't already 3 Three I'd seriously consider switching to them after seeing these silly, hilariously adorable ads (very few commercials can instigate such urges in me...). I especially can't stop looking at the dancing pony one. Go watch, it will cheer up any kind of day!

Sing It Kitty

Dance Pony Dance

Pug one

Pug two

1 comment:

Marie said...

That pony ad is really charming. I have to say that I hate ringing mobile phones connected to "3" because of the ghastly singing they have instead of a ringtone. I don't want to listen to loops of "Three is the magic number..."

There are some really creative ads around at the moment. I like the one in the tunnelbana for Apoteket Hjärtat.

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