Wednesday, February 12, 2014

wednesday words

South Africa Feb 2007 279

Today's post will be about collecting recent thoughts of frustration and sorrow (the Weltschmerz kind) - but as writing is therapeutical I'm sure there'll be something sweet in the end of the collecting...

~ These past couple of weeks I've felt strangely out of tune with people. Some people. I know we can't always be wise, logical and rational but seriously, what's up with some??

And what is that, when something bad happens it always happens three times in a short row? Although I guess it is evened out by the fact that the same goes for the good things times three.

When I fretted over all the nuisance someone wise (thank goodness for the wise ones!) said that it is kind of the nature of running your own business, win some loose some. And not really getting through to some.

Mollycoddling when needed - so not my nature with grown ups that should know better and behave accordingly to their professional status, but oh my have I learnt a lot of lessons about that this past year... -

and being professional no matter how more or less outraged, stressed and frustrated you get over certain behaviours. At least I can take pride in being that kind of person, calm and professional, despite all the other ways I'd like to deal with certain people's behaviours.

Because really, someone should pinch them in the ear and tell the truth about their behaviour, how very less than professional it comes off as and how it effects others. How do some people get anything done if they act like that all the time? None of us is wise all the time under every circumstances, but to seemingly never be that in one's professional role. I just don't get it.

Even if I granted do have full understanding of stress and what that can do to the brain and behaviour I also feel that a certain degree of self-perception, the tiniest grain really, should make them stop and think instead of pushing on in the same ol' worn tracks. To be quite honest, if you're really true to yourself, that doesn't work all that well, does it?

So much potential, time, great things and collaborations wasted due to that. It makes me sad. Although, on another level I do have faith in the universe, things happen when they are supposed to. I'm just at a time in life when I have this feeling that time waits for noone, I'm impatient, I want things to move along and I want to make it happen.

~ Outraged on a completely different level is my feeling over the senseless slaughter of poor Marius the giraffe in Copenhagen Zoo the other day. 

Absolutely horrified over the inhumanity and complete lack of compassion. Why do humans see fit to capture other living beings, lock them in far away from their natural habitat in small enclosures, breed them, use and abuse them for all sorts of entertainment. When they're deemed "worthless from a breeding point of view" they are sentenced to death. And as the plebs like public deaths of innocents, why not make a spectacle of it to?

Why do parents in the 21st century still see it fit to take their kids to zoos? In doing that you send the message that it's okey to capture and lock animals in for humans' entertainment's sake. Captivity kills. Zoos exploit living beings. No amount of spin doctors and PR can change that basic fact.

Zoos are dirty businesses, The Cove is just one bloody example, now a poor innocent, trusting, peaceful creature named Marius has become another horrific example. Because he wasn't concidered to be genetically valuable. Well, from an objective point of view very few humans would be concidered genetically valuable and still the world is an overpopulated place by that specific specie and human life is somehow regarded as special. While other animals are treated as products without value, feelings and right to exist if they can't entertain us in zoos, circuses or served as flesh on a plate.

Marius, what a poignant heartbreaking example of a mad, mad world devoid of compassion and sense.

~ The older I get, the more I know my instincts are good and I trust my gut feeling, but some people just give such mixed messages I'm not sure what to think really. I wish we could just be more open, clear and straight forward in our communication. So what if we make a bit of fools of ourselves now and then? Isn't that better than missed opportunities, drudging along, the what ifs and regrets of not having said and done what we wanted but was too scared to?

Yes, I direct that last paragraph to myself too. I need to challenge myself more, in different aspects in life. Time waits for noone. On the other hand, perhaps sometimes one is better served with "the right moment". But when is the right moment? Will it just magically appear? Or does one need to make it happen, nudge destiny a bit in the right direction?

~ While contemplating all of the, in different ways, very important for real, matters above I take great comfort in three "things" I'm very happy about at the moment;

:: the juicer and all the goodness and glory it makes happen every day

:: a new pair of boots (you didn't see that coming, right?)

:: a very clingy redhead named Zigne, who this past week for some unknown, odd reason has become even more adorable, cuddlesome and adoring of yours truly than before. We are simply two peas in a cuddly pod, mini-me and I. Blessed.

Yes, writing those thoughts and feelings down was a huge relief. It's also a great relief that life is always full of the good stuff and good people too. And now I do believe it is about high time for some seriously good stuff to come true, what do you say, universe?


Marie said...

I often feel out of tune with people which is why I avoid them and talk to animals instead. I am not good at the talking, although I do too much of it. I am too direct - in my mind I am just being clear. When other people don't say what they mean but dance around the subject, being nice and kind I get confused and wish they would just simply say what they mean. I suspect it is me not them.

I have learnt to keep my mouth shut whilst I think about things. Then I write if I need to work through something. If I get angry I write an imaginary letter but never send it. I wait and go back to it and change it and after a while I don't need to send it, after a while it even begins to look slightly ridiculous which means I am returning to reason.

I debrief my work in this way too. If I have had a difficult client I come back and write copious notes. The act of writing makes one focus on the essence of a thing, whereas talking it through means we often talk all around it and never get down to the real issue. Writing it down means you have to be succinct. Sometimes I think I am better in writing than I am in real life.

As for dear little Marius - real tears were shed here. I can't fathom people at all. My heart aches for all of the animals we exploit, use and abuse. Rest in Peace, little giraffe. They didn't deserve you... :(

Elephant's Child said...

Echoing the tears, laced with anger over Marius.
Sometimes I despair of the human race. Often I despair.

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