Thursday, February 13, 2014

new girl

slöjdfröjd liljevalchs 2012

I know, "New Girl" isn't exactly a new TV-show and I have been watching it from the start (2012 in Sweden), laughed until I've cried but not making it public until now. I'm really not a general fan of sitcoms (and definitely those with audience/taped laughters, jeez...), but there's always exception to a rule. And "New Girl" is one in this case. Quirky, absurd, awkward and hilarious.

I love the four main characters, each with their own oddities, their interaction, plus Zooey Deschanel is of course adorkable (and how great a word is that?!).

It's been on and off here on TV in Sweden since 2012, but now it has a period of definitely on. Every Monday to Thursday and it's now my own little tradition to end the day watching it, to end the day with a good laugh must be good for you, right?

What do you enjoy watching on TV?
And what kind of TV-shows always give you good laughs?

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