Monday, February 24, 2014

sigtuna christmas fair 2013

Not sure why I (about a year ago) decided to join the site. One of those "it's free, why not try it" things I guess. A year later I have to admit I'm still far from sure what the purpose is. And when I ask around people either don't know what it is or have the same attitude towards it as I have. Noone I've talked with has it as a part of their social media strategy.

So why do I still have my page? Well, mainly because

  • I thoroughly enjoy that you can create a really cool tiled background with your Instagram photos. Thus I update it regularly. (It looks especially awesome on an iPad.)
  • I also enjoy the idea of a supersized, dynamic online business card (of sorts). I shy away from having a really long bio, because noone really care to read that through anyway. Via selected apps I link to Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, Flickr and Instagram instead, if anyone would like to know more.
I've also found that
  • Their customer service is really friendly and swift, when there's a glitch or question.
  • People tend to view other people's pages quite a lot, much more than they give compliments about them. Although you do get compliments regularly, far from always from people you feel you can compliment in return. So a "thank you!" and then a pass it forward to someone's page/photo/bio you enjoy is my way to deal with that.
  • To use tags on your page (a maximum of 10) is a great way to find likeminded people. 
  • You get added to weird collections like "Viewed", "People I thanked", "People who glanced at me" and I have no idea why one would even bother with that... 
  • But you also get added to nice collections like "Creative people", "Amazing people" (oh my!), "Interesting people", "Compassion for all life" (how sweet is that?!) and of course "Twitter friends".
  • I've only made a collection of "Twitter friends" - obviously I don't really see as a networking site for me per se. Perhaps that will change.
How about you, do you have an page?
Is it a part of your social media strategy?
If so, how and have you had good use of it
from a business point of view?

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