Saturday, February 22, 2014

on the pia day

green juice and kismet

As usual, February 22 is a very distinguished day, it's Pia day! (Granted not only my own day, but everyone who shares this grand name's day.) So what did I do to make it a bit special and lovely? Well this;

  • Went outside for the first time since Tuesday (when the cold struck) - I'm not completely well yet, snivel, cough and tired, but still fresh air and walking was great.
  • Had a special breakfast - although neither sense of smell nor tastebuds work as they should yet. But sometimes you're okey with just the memory and notion of how lovely it usually is.
  • The sun made a surprise visit and stayed all day, yay!
  • Managed (the way only I can...) to find a pair of special boots on sale - it has become more and more obvious that this is apparently one of my specialities. I hope the colour turns out to be just as sunny and fabulous as it is on screen, because who wouldn't want to walk in sunshine?!
  • Had not only one, but two fresh juices overloaded with ginger (one was the above carrot, spinach, apple, kiwi, more fun to look at than pleasing to drink I suspect. But darn good for you!) - ha, take that, cold!
  • Had a semla.
  • Woke up ridiculously early and went to bed like a granny on a Saturday evening.
All and all it was a pretty great day of a name day I have to say. 

When I was little I really didn't like my name, it was too short and uninteresting, a bit silly (and apparently the most common name for bitches in Sweden. Bitch as in dog.) and childish. I wanted a *real* girl's name like Charlotte, Camilla, Catharina, Pernilla or Susanna and such. As a grown up I really enjoy my name, it's not a very common name but still common enough to feel very Swedish. Easy to say, rather fun and perky somehow and I've never had any unwanted or ugly nickname. 

Pia is derived from the Latin name Pius which means "pious" - definitely not one of my features. But I'm well-known for having an innocent zero set poker face, while my brain is pretty much always filled with not so innocent thoughts, analyzing people and situations. Maybe it's a common feature of women named Pia?

My middle name is Karina (with a name day on May 7), also a Latin derivation from Carinus/Carus which means "beloved". What a lovely meaning to carry around in one's name! I enjoy having the "K" as a middle name initial, but I'm more comfortable with my three letters first name. It's easy and unpretentious to carry around. And rather fun.

How about you, do you enjoy your name?
Always or have you grown to accept it?
What's your favourite name/s and why?


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Happy Happy Pia Day!

Lost Star said...

Happy Pia Day! Glad you had a nice day!

Elephant's Child said...

Belated Happy Name Day wishes.

Isabella G&G said...

I didn't use to like my name either, I thought Isabel was very old fashioned, very granny-like (it was actually one of my gannys' name). In the time when people started naming girls Jessica, Samantha or Jennifer after cool famous people despite being in Spain I felt my name lacked glamour so to say. But with the time I got to like it and even be fond of it. I can't think of me with a different name, absolutely impossible. It's definitely here to stay.

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