Monday, February 03, 2014

meet the juicer


When this mouthwatering gorgeousness meet this strict looking thingie


magic happens and you end up with this


- yes I am a very happy owner of a juicer! Finally. I've been thinking about it for many years but never prioritized a purchase. But I guess that lovely carrot-ginger juice at Wagamama made me think about it even more.

When I was a kid my parents used to have a juicer. I really didn't enjoy the fresh juice that came from it, I wanted bought juice, bought cordial, bought jam, bought apple sauce. So having dinners and food at my friends' homes were treats, their parents bought every food item and were clueless on how to make their own jams and juices.

Now I am of course utterly grateful for parents who cared about what we ate and food quality. And now I've brought a childhood gadget (albeit updated and snazzier) in to my own home. A juicer.

I've used it twice so far - one carrot ginger juice (6 carrots and one large ginger made for a big glass of awesomeness. Sorry, Wagamama, I will probably not order that delicious juice from you anymore, I can now make my own any day. Beware of drinking it late in the evening though, couldn't sleep at all. Part of its effect is apparently very much like caffeine...)

and one apple carrot juice (3 apples, 3 carrots made for the big glass above). Both were heavenly. And a pretty perfect way to start the day. Something to beat that winter blues. Even if I still love a good smoothie I think the fact that you can juice carrots this easy makes me even happier (of course I can blend the carrot juice into a smoothie too. Oh my, all the new and improved choices are mindboggling!)

As if I didn't suffer from the carrot defect enough... my fridge is now filled with a massive amount of carrots sold very very cheap right now.

Some of the leftover pulp can of course be used for cooking and baking - I made really lovely carrot and potato rösti with ginger and coriander today for example - but I'm thinking now is really the time to get that small compost I've been meaning to do for ages. Until then I think I have to be really imaginative with fruit and veggie leftovers. The recipe book actually suggested making facial masks from the pulp, which of course is just my thing too.

Do you have a juicer?
What's your favourite juice blend?


Unknown said...

Your juices sound delicious. The juicer is on my list, but I still haven't purchased one. In the meantime I am making smoothies with a lot of fresh and frozen fruits!

Poppy Q said...

I used to have a juicer, but sold it as I don't have room for it. Orange, apple and cucumber was a cooling mix in the summer. It always felt great to get a fresh juice made, it just was a bit of a pain to clean every time.

Your juice does look nice and tasty. Can't wait to see what else you try Miss Pia.

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