Sunday, February 02, 2014

voluspa saijo persimmon

Many years ago I bought the Voluspa Saijo Persimmon room scent spray and infusion. Simply adore the scent - some scents have the power to make me go all weak in the knees, giddy and relaxed at the same time somehow. This is such a scent - and the spray was really lovely, the infusion was not. I never enjoy infusions, I had just hoped that one would prove to be an exception to the not nice rule.

I love their scented candles, but I haven't gotten the Saijo Persimmon until now. A big lovely tin filled with many many hours of heavenly scent. Pure luxuary. And just the thing to have on my office desk. Serving me with whiffs of giddiness, inspiration and relaxation.

In other words, a really perfect first buy for the month of February.

What's your favourite scent (in candles, perfumes, soaps and such)?
And what's your favourite scented candle?

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