Friday, February 07, 2014

love peace & the planet haircare

love peace & the planet

A couple of years ago I asked if anyone had tried the love peace planet haircare range from Tigi, with no answer. (I'm guessing that wasn't because I didn't call it love peace & the planet, which apparently is the correct name.)

I'm so glad I went ahead and eventually bought that bottle of Free ur mind cherry almond hairspray anyway. (Daring, that's my middle name.) Because that one bottle has been seriously good to both my hair, me and hopefully the planet too for a very long time now. Talk about long lasting!

For various reasons I suspect that Tigi has unfortunately discontinued the range - please correct me if I'm wrong! - and the Facebook fan page hasn't been updated for over 3 years (which is of course very unprofessional, still in production or not). But it still seems to be available in online beauty shops and such. Which is a huge relief, even if it still is a bummer that they possibly don't make the range anymore.

I was looking forward to trying more of the products from the range. I've only tried two more bottles and they've been truly great too. Which, to be honest, you sadly can't say about very many beauty products if you look at the ingredients list and its ecological impact.

The leave-in conditioner Let it be (cherry almond too) makes the hair incredibly soft and swishy, if you're looking for that, I'm more of a I wan't volume in my hair kind of gal. But some days its good with some TLC for the hair like that, let it rest a bit.

The conditioner Eco Awesome (cranberry orange mint, not crazy about the scent truth be told) is just what it says, awesome. A great detangler, giving hair bounce and volume. It immediately took a place on my very short list of favourite conditioners.

Have you tried the love peace & the planet range?
What did you think?
What's your favourite organic haircare range?

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