Monday, February 10, 2014

happy and repair

happy and repair

A couple of skincare products I've tried for a month plus now. Unfortunately neither of them works magic, not the least bit, not even a hint. So no repeat buy.

Which in the case of the Happy eye area lightener may be a relief because the price of the 15ml bottle would be the equivalent of gold. And no I didn't pay that, it was on 75% sale and I just stumbled over it, thought I'd give it a go since I'm very prone to panda eyes ever since that week in Gothenburg...

- I never use eye creams because I always feel really uncomfortable with them on, basically my eyelids get warm and my eyes start watering. As unwanted wrinkles and such are probably the least of my problems I really don't see the use of it anyway, I've only tried samples. If the products should work at all that is... I may love good skincare, lotions and potions, but some products I really don't see the use of. Just a ridiculous part of a billion dollar industry. -

To be honest I hadn't heard about the brand Phenomené before, but it seem to be a good company with sustainable work, products and ideas. Too bad the first product of theirs I tried was a, to be quite honest, crap one. As far as I and my panda eyes are concerned.

As for the Dermalex repair I was recommended that at the pharmacy. The background to the purchase (which is nowhere near the price of gold as above) is as follows. I've always had rosy cheeks, but in my mid 30ies the look became more flushed. Went to a skin specialist quite a few years ago, "no it isn't rosacea it's just sensitive skin". It might be that my granny sort of let my cheeks and nose freeze when I was a baby and we were out playing having fun in the winter. It might be hereditary. I've never seen it as an issue really, until this past year or so.

Even if rosy cheeks make you look healthy, being proned to the flushed look isn't all that fun. Even less so when the winter weather and dry air makes the skin terribly dry. I'm always the apple-cheeked woman so to say. And some days, in some situations it would be neat to not look quite as... perky.

So I tried this tube. And I have been using it every day since a month back. Unfortunately it hasn't made any difference to my rosy cheeks. So the search for the ultimate facial cream (because guess what, the Kiehl's centella recovery skin salve didn't work wonders either...) AND something to make cheeks look less rosy continues. I don't use foundations or powders so looking into that is not something I will do.

Any other suggestions for sensitive and (winter) dry skin would be much appreciated though!

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Marie said...

I am very fair and have the same rosy cheek syndrome in winter that affects you. Funnily enough people tell me that it makes me look very Scandinavian!

I've found Clarins Gentle Day Cream to be helpful and also Clarins Beauty Flash Balm on days when my skin needs a lift.

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