Sunday, August 31, 2014

goodbye august

växplats nybyn

To be honest I'm glad to see you go. Since you've been a general disappointment. On a professional as well as personal level. Add to that on a weather as well as health level.

A prolonged cold leaving me feeling blah most of the month. A hot summer that was cut abruptly in early August and lots of rain (oh rain where were you in the heat of July?). Work related issues, friendship issues.

On the bright side - plenty of work, some rather decent food memories, a pair of shoes that turned out to be keepers and always sweet cat moments. Oh, and I did get my reading mojo back! And there was the annual flower picking, always soothing for the soul and my office window sill looks lovely again. For that I am grateful.

Still, overall far from the month I had hoped, worked and wished for.

So bye bye August, to be honest I can't say I'm glad to have met you. All your acting up on my behalf probably served a purpose, so far unknown, but it has made me sad and blue - unlike July - wistful and a tad weary. I need to refill the happy account asap. And I need to move forward, setting new goals. Because what may seem like a loss to me, is really much more a loss to those who chose to go another way. It's just the topsy turviness, the serendipity of it all that has gotten me out of balance.

I'm sure September will be a very fine month, I'm beginning work with something new and fab this week. I do hope for many days of Indian summer. There's the upcoming election which I have every faith will bring good changes. There's a great dinner planned with fellow yelpers. And by the end of the month I'm going to Gothenburg again, which is always a treat. And who knows how much awesomeness lies in between? It's a blank canvas of... anything amazing can happen!

Have a wonderful month of September,
may the magic be with you!

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