Monday, October 06, 2014

cultivate resilience

luddkolt's british shorthairs

I recently read about the notion of cultivating your resilience. If you do, it's easier to bounce back after setbacks, both major and minor, on a personal as well as professional level. And I have to say I agree about that a gazillion %.

I'm glad that it's something that *touch wood* have come fairly easy for me over the years, I've just not always known the word for it or really grasped the feeling of "everything is going to be alright"ness even at the darkest of times for resiliance.

Cultivating resilience doesn't mean I never get moments, longer or shorter, of doubt and despair. Both on a personal as well as universal level. And of course the Weltschmerz is always nearby, you never know when it'll appear demanding attention.

Still, resilience is such an important and soothing feature to embrace.
I hope you're good at cultivating yours?

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