Wednesday, October 29, 2014

red rosy beanie and red boots

rosy beanie

Behold the pretty wonderful beanie I go for myself as a birthday gift. It was another case of almosst-sold-ot-but-I-managed-to-snatch-one. And every time this happens with colourful clothes I wonder who buys them, but me, because I never see those colourful items being worn by other people. At least not in Sweden. Perhaps clever, colourful tourists buy them?

It's from Swedish brand Gudrun Sjödén and made from organic cotton with a dash of mulesing-free merino wool - I'm glad they actually made a thing of the wool being mulesing-free as I never buy merino because of its often immense cruelty in production - thin and perfect for chilly but not very cold autumn/winter days. But most of all it's a lovely rosy, colourful piece perfect for the long, dark and glum season.

And no it's meant to be worn on a human head, not used as a supersized sleeping baf for small sized woollies. Despite what the picture might suggest.

The boots that match the beanie very well is from the same brand - also a case of  sold-out-but-we'll-refill-the-stock-so-please-order - but not mine, but my mother's. Not my cup of tea in style, but I love the bright red colour called 'cranberry'. I'm sure she'll look great in them for many winter seasons to come!

red boots

How about you, 
something old or something new 
on head and feet this winter season?


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Poppy Q said...

Love your hat Miss pia, a very nice birthday gift to yourself. Our merino sheep seem to live the good life in NZ, living on farms with lots of fresh air and grass, and they need to be shorn of wool to keep them cool in the spring and summer weather, when it would be too hot for them to have huge fleeces on their backs.

julie Q

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