Saturday, October 04, 2014

world animal day ~ cinnamon bun day

cinnamon bun day

October 4th is both World Animal Day and Cinnamon bun day (Kanelbullens dag) in Sweden. 

I do believe one is so much more important to make the most of. Why not begin something extra good and long-term beneficial for animals today?
  • Like going vegetarian or vegan if you not already are 
  • Join an animal rights organization
  • Give money to good animal causes
  • Offer your help at a local shelter or 
  • Indeed adopt an orangutang 
  • Or a pet from a shelter, in need of love and care 

world animal day

Myself I've been a member of the Swedish animal rights organization 'Djurens rätt' (The Animals' Rights) since the 70ies (yup I'm that old), when their main cause was to stop vivisection. The organization's name back then was 'Nordiska Samfundet mot Plågsamma Djurförsök' (The Nordic Association against  Vivisection). It's a fantastic, inspiring, well-arguing, engaged organization whose aim is to make this world a better, kinder place for us all. I'm so proud of being a long-time member.

cinnamon bun day

And yes, during the day there may have been a cinnamon bun or two being eaten too. In celebration of animals of course. And bobbaloos.

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