Monday, October 27, 2014

dermalogica ultracalming skincare

dermalogica ultracalming

Better late than never, I've just begun using Dermalogica skincare. Hopefully it'll be the perfect companion for dry, dull winter skin.

When I had a facial last week - and got told I had a really great skin that didn't need such facials. Oh dear, I had to mention that again, didn't I? - I was, as usual, curious about the products used. And since my Kiehl's Skin rescuer bottle is nearly empty (and it wasn't a successful match for me during the colder time of the year. Neither was the Kiehl's centella recovery skin salve. Time for a new brand) I was open to new suggestions to try.

The beauty therapist used this Dermalogica kit of four on me during the facial and it felt like a good option with natural ingredients only. So far I've only used the serum under the above mentioned skin rescuer. And only a couple of times so I can't really tell if I find it good or not. I'm also crap at keeping strict and regular skin regimes, some days I do that, other days I do this and some days neither this nor that.

The skin did feel lovely after the facial though. And I haven't experienced the usual dry patches this time of the year recently. I will update this post when I've used the products more thoroughly. It would be lovely if I could then say it's one great product (or two, three, four).

But for now, but favourite facial product is still bareMinerals original foundation. It has been very very kind to my skin for five months now. I hope it'll be good during the harsher, cold months too.

Dermalogica seems like a company with strong ethics when it comes to animal testing and most of their products are suitable for vegans. I also really appreciate that they have a foundation that supports and empowers women and communities all over the world. Like all the best companies have (best as in the ones that produce/sell ethical products, not the ones that use philantropy as an alibi for their unethical or unhealthy product).

For now, I'm pretty certain my head won't fall off from using the ultracalming range. And if it does at least I can join the bobbaloo deity and spread the word of kindness while soaring.

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