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night film and other books


Only a couple of weeks later it's time for another heap of books to get their short review - I'm certainly back on my reading track for sure!

Just like the last time it's a mixed bunch of recently read and not so recent. And I'll rate them from 5 (best) to 1 (worst). Here goes.

may 27, 2011 - the tiny wife

The tiny wife and All my friends are super-heroes by Andrew Kaufman 4/5 both

Bought and read this tiny book back in 2011. It was a lovely, quirky, ingenious quick read which I loved. Even if it didn't give my reading mojo back it was a book I read from start to end within a few days. Highly recommended read! And so is another book of his "All my friends are superheroes" which I quickly finished and enjoyed while finding myself very unexpectedly in hospital back in 2012. Looking forward to reading more of his works!

We bought a zoo by Benjamin Mee 3/5

A true story about and by the owner of Dartmoor Zoo, Benjamin Mee and his family. Bought and read the book back in 2009 it was certainly an interesting, unusual and moving read. It was also upsetting and heartbreaking given how the animals were treated in the then zoo. If the book is anything to go by it's a better place today, but still my views on zoos are not of the benevolent kind. I'm really not sure the conservation part of zoos in general make up for all the heartache, sorrow, pain and death wild animals have to endure all over the world in captivity within zoos.

Remember the annual senseless slaughters and capturing of dolphins in Taiji, Japan? The horrific murder of poor giraffe Marius in Copenhagen, Denmark? Keep in mind that this happens all the time, all over the world just because stupid humans keep bringing their kids to zoos where wild animals are kept in unnatural, poor conditions for entertainment. It breaks my heart.

Also, the book could do with a decent proof-reading.

Espresso Tales and Love over Scotland by Alexander McCall Smith 4/5

The 2nd and 3rd book in the 44 Scotland Street series, not as great as the Sunday Philosophy Club-series (one of my favourite books/series!) but still good reads. Also bought and read 2009-10. Clever, entertaining and easy to get through, with thoughtful and wise passages all through the books. I have a couple of more books in the series in my to read heap. Which I'll hopefully get to some time soon, at this reading rate.

L'Échappée belle by Anna Gavalda 3/5

Gavalda is one of my favourite authors - read my previous views on Hunting and Gathering, Someone I Loved, I wish someone was waiting for me somewhere and The Consolation Match - her writing is exquisite and modern, clever, intellectual and most always with a high recognition factor.

This one was a short novel, an easy read I picked up last summer. One of those few books I've been able to get through since 2010. It was a nice read, not as good as her previous books but worth a read.


A tiny bit marvellous by Dawn French 1/5

I picked this up a thrift store and I thoughtit would be a light and entertaining read. After 50+ pages I gave up. Super-annoying characters and a story that never took off. It's now in the heap of books to send on a Book-crossing journey. Perhaps someone else will enjoy it.


Dead clever by Scarlett Thomas 2/5

Another book from 2009. One of Thomas' early books this is really not at all as fantastic as her PopCo or The End of Mr Y, both of which I adore. A simple story, easy read suspense novel which could do with being shortened down a few chapters. Perhaps I will read another Lily Pascale-mystery book some day. It certainly isn't a top priority notion though.

I am however looking forward very much to another three pair of books of hers soon to arrive in a book parcel for me. And I already have her "Going out" which I'll start reading soon.


Night film by Marisha Pessl 5/5

I finished this brick novel within a reasonable time-span, hooray! And it's a stunning (suspense) novel! Perhaps not quite in the same way as Special Topics in Calamity Physics, but still very well researched and built this clever suspense novel sent many chills down my spine and to be honest I didn't dare turn out the lights to sleep after reading it in the evenings. So in the end I had to read it during daylight and not in the bedroom. It gripped me from the first page and 590 pages later I can safely say it's one of the best thrillers I've ever read. Although, possibly too many question marks remain once one reach the end. But it makes you think about the fact that all is not what it seems. Or is it?

I was disappointed that the Nightfilm smartphone app didn't work though. That would have added and extra touch of smart to the reading experience.

What's the best book you've read recently?

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Poppy Q said...

Miss Pia, I hated that Dawn French book too and couldn't read it. Books I would recommend are Burial Rites by Hannah Kent, The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes by Anna McPartlin, Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Woods and the Light Between Oceans by M L Stedman, all of whom I think are 5/5 books.

Do you belong to Goodreads?I find it useful for tracking all the books I read and for honest reviews.

Julie Q

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