Monday, October 13, 2014

all the pretty green shoes

green shoes

For years now I've had to do a photo session with all and the bobbaloos all in one photo. And possibly a cat or two too. In their natural inspector roles of course. You don't get a cat to pose in the way one little loaf did. Only if they wish so themselves. I'm glad they surprisingly often do.

When the idea rose I had a *slight* less amount of shoes. And bobbaloos. So for now I've had fun with taking photos of shoes in a certain colour. Or boots only. Or oxfords. Or maryjanes. And such. Doing it in smaller portions like that I also feeling *slightly* less like a crazy shoe lady.

Well, at least 95% of my shoes are of the eco friendly, recycled material, % of the price go to good causes kind. With every thing you buy you make a choice of what kind of world you want to live in. And that's certainly the kind of world I want.

Now if the shoes could be either recycled leather or vegan that would certainly be even better.

Today it was the green shoes collection that got their group portrait taken. Bye bye summer sandals, hello soon boots days.

By the look of Little Miss Inspector's face one might think I spend more time with them shoes than them cats her. I can assure you I do not.

I've now taken colour coordinated shoe pictures of the blue, winered/pink and green bunch. To be taken are that of the red, purple, black/grey (a few only obviously) and yellow/orange/brown groups. Such fun. In a possibly tad mad way.

All shoes from either El Naturalista or ART shoes. As usual.

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Isabella G&G said...

I love your green shoe collection, and I must say I feel some sort of relief in the fact that I am not alone in my El Naturalista and Art shoes madness. If I ever find the right time and place (unfortunately I don't have such a lovely garden), I may take a few pics of my collection, if only to keep a record of all the shoes I own and as a reminder that I don't need any more even though I'm sure I'll keep on buying new ones (sigh).

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