Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the tiny lunch company

lunch company

At the day conference lunch break I decided to enjoy my lunch outside today. On my own. Or so I thought. Because as soon as I sat down I was excitedly greeted and surrounded by a huge flock of house sparrows. All fluffy and pleading, with the odd occasion of fluttering up and down to get my attention it was like having a tiny hoard of hungry cats or loaf dogs at your feet.

In fact I felt a bit like Snow White or Cinderella with all my bird friends. Because obviously the other lunch eaters on other benches weren't at all as interesting as me. When they finally got some bread to share they became a fluffy ball of squeakers and the large pigeons who also came for food didn't dare snatch any bread from the tiny ones.

An overall good and interesting day, but this was certainly the meet cute highlight of it. Heart.

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