Sunday, October 26, 2014

reflections on the birthday week that was

With another birthday just behind me I felt a little reflection on the week behind it is in place. As it has been a crazy hectic one. A fun one. Inspiring, interesting, learning, confirming. Very weather glum, tad annoying bits, very weather glum, sadly little sleep. But the good parts certainly made up for the not so good ones.

Let's start with the Sting-tones to set you in the right mood to read a selection of me, myself and Prosit bits - promise, you will absolutely love this 

There was a pair of pretty awesome shoes. With soles so fabtastic I broke my fine rule of no black shoes. Green heels, swoonworthy El Naturalista Octopus. They turned out to be pretty comfortable too, the thick sole is lovely.

And then there was a day's event of talks about social media, communication, humour and marketing (with that sweet lunch company in feathers). And the first coaching session of four to reach personal job related goals. 

There was business speed dating. And a B2B fair (which was a waste of time). I had a facial - and learnt I had really great skin which make such facials superfluous. Well, how about that?! - a got me some new skin products suitable for harsh winter weather which I hope will be goodness galore.

I went to one of my favourite museums, Fotografiska, looked at inconcievable photo art and some wonderful too. Had a great pumpkin lunch and went to a really interesting coffee event about agroforestry, sustainability, organic, fairtrade and bird friendly coffee. 

There was not only one but two soy lattes (which I haven't enjoyed for several weeks) and endless cups of teas of course. The freezer has been filled with sourdough bread for oh so many great breakfasts to come.

There was a sweet blue dress (from Noa Noa) which I'm sure I'll enjoy wearing for many years to come. And a little perfect knitted cap with roses red for days chilly but not very cold.

And lots and lots and lots of copywriting.

Now I'm looking forward to my week with more time for reflection and work in the pink office. And for your week to come, just to get you into a really good mood, why not start a dance party on your train commute? This video will get you all happy and inspired to just do it!

Happy last week of October, 
one and all ~

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