Sunday, October 12, 2014

jeezly vegan cheese

jeezly vegan cheese
I've been sceptical about this vegan cheese that has been waiting in my fridge for some months now. Because a) as much as I want to find the perfect dairy/cruelty free cheese I've so far been disappointed about both flavour and texture of the ones I've tried and 

b) to be honest, despite the adorable design, packaging and intention of the Swedish vegan brand Astrid och aporna (Astrid and the monkeys) I've never enjoyed any of their products. 

Not because they're bad but because they're 'too meaty' ie too much of meat substitute in both flavour and texture. And that's not my thing. 

I certainly have no issues with the sausage, steak, balls shapes because clearly those aren't natural meat shapes. They're just convenient to cook shapes. It's when the vegetarian and vegan versions get too meaty, too much like animal flesh in texture and flavour I shy away. Everything I don't want to put in my mouth. Off putting. To say the least.

So I've been hesistant to try this Jeezly cheese. But with the due date coming up I tentatively tried it the other day.

And loved it! Fresh both in smell and texture, easy to use the cheese slicer on. The flavour reminds me of a very mild Edamer. Perfect for my tastebuds. If you want a strong taste cheese perhaps this is not your vegan cheese, but you can always spice it up yourself.

And the have vegan Cheesly too in different flavours. I'll try that next time. 

I'm so happy I've found such a great vegan cheese! Now it's just a matter of finding a decent vegan butter (tasty AND without palm oil content) and I'm all vegan at home. Finally.

Do you have a favourite vegan cheese?

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