Thursday, October 30, 2014

do you take almond milk, honey or a cat with your tea?

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For some reason I haven't gotten around to trying plant based milk in my tea since I stopped using dairy. I went straight for honey (or sometimes nothing at all) and have stayed there. I've feared that plant based milk would interfer with the natural tea flavour, whilst honey simply enhance it.

I got a tip about a certain coconut milk that would be lovely in tea, but since I haven't found it in Sweden I've just let go of the idea somehow. But then someone recently tweeted about a certain tea in combination with almond milk. And it sounded great, "pear glow" and almond milk, surely that would taste awesome together?

So I bought the tea - that didn't smell anything in tea shop but I thought it was because I'd just had the facial with rather strong herbal scents and I didn't smell a thing but those herbs and lotions - and the almond milk I use and looked forward to a new flavour sensation.

Brewed the tea, which turned out to neither smell nor taste anything at all, to be honest I think the shop sold me old tea. Which is a shame, even if it's a measly amount of money per se I'm certainly not tempted to buy more tea from them. But with the almond milk it was actually quite a drinkable cup of tea anyway.

Just a very faint flavour of almond, not overpowering at all. I do believe almond milk will be my new almost-best friend for a decent cuppa. With a better tea with stronger taste of course.

Honey or almond milk, them cats doesn't care much which, they just know that when I cuddle up in the corner of the sofa with a cup there's also time for a cat cuddle, as far as they are concerned. They know me too well.

tea related

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