Thursday, January 01, 2015

on the first day of 2015

gooey chocolate cake

I was woken up by an unknown drunken caller at 6 am who felt a dire need to leave a rambling message on the phone. Unhappy, tired bunny.

I had a piece of the left over gooey chocolate cake from yesterday. Happy bunny tummy and soul.

I had nearly finished work - yes even on New Year's Day, no rest for the wicked Prosit, because I do love writing and I do love a decent invoicing - when suddenly the Wifi didn't work on the computer didn't work. When I turned the computer off - you know, the fine three months old one I bought in September... - a fail message appeared on the screen that didn't bode well. Fingers crossed it will have sorted itself out during the night. Oh, go on, call me a miserable bunny.

Needless to say I am wondering what this might mean for the brand new year. Mixed blessings?

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