Wednesday, January 07, 2015

hello there morning juice 2015

food and drink at home

A year ago I got the fabulastic juicer. I made and drank so so many freshly made juices during 2014, during some periods one per day, but usually it was about 3-4 per week. Then during the last few months of the year I admit I slacked. Badly.

I hope I will be able to rectify that and get back into that great habit of very regular juicing again. Because it is awesome. Both for body, soul and planet.

My favourite combo is still carrot - apple - ginger and that's what I thoroughly enjoyed this morning. Looking forward to many many more of those to come this year.

What's your favourite juice combo?

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Poppy Q said...

I love tropical fruits, a bit of pineapple and passionfruit with apple or orange. Good on you Miss Pia, I sold my juicer last year as it was a bit of a pain to clean each time.

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